legends nevver die

They call you Orphaner Dualscar, and you have left one HELL of a legacy.
Your real name is NADAYA AMPORA.
Your timeline is the one where the HEMOSPECTRUM was REVERSED, placing you at the BOTTOM, as a SLAVE.
But you had NONE OF THAT HORSESHIT and are now a FREE TROLL. Mainly, a PIRATE.



matesprit (gone)
AU Dualscar, made pre-Cronus update. I don't subscribe to the 'dualscar is ABSOLUTELY nothing but a heartless asshole' headcanon. why? because fuck you is why.
Jan 6 '13

yeah guess what i did!!!!

it’s a diy vest except homestuck and steampunk - and the tsf letters is a little memorial of a forum on which i met some of my closest friends [like nom!] uwu

the text is ‘I put the STEAM in steampunk’ btw ehehe

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